I bought 3 healthy looking Roger Hall camellias and planted them out. Two still look good but the third has yellow splotchy leaves – I have fertilised them with acid fertiliser and also used some Epsom Salts but it still looks the same. My husband has also sprayed them. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi Gwen,

Yellow leaves with green veins can indicate nutrient problems so you are doing the right thing by feeding with acid fertiliser at the base of the plant. Improving the quality of the soil also helps by adding compost and organic materials such as manures and leaf litter. You can also feed weekly or fortnightly with a foliar feed to help green up those leaves.

If the leaves are completely yellow it may indicate a drainage problem within the soil so again that is where organic matter and compost really shines, but with it being so splotchy as you described my guess would be getting the nutrients in the soil right.

The last thing it may be is yellow mottle leaf virus and the only way to fix that is prune off the affected branches and continue to boost your plant with the right nutrients.

It seems like you are doing the right things to help improve the situation, don’t be afraid to feed with liquid fertiliser quite often and reapply some acid fertiliser at the start of autumn.

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