I’m going to be planting a rose garden this weekend with 8 Roses that were given to me when my mum (Rose) passed away. I would like any hints that will help them do well. I will raise the bed about 300ml high and have a couple of if bags of Rose soil to mix with ordinary topsoil. I was wondering if I should companion plant around them ?
Many Thanks

  • Jillian Laursen asked 1 year ago
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Hi Jillian, The first year I would not plant anything around them (maybe annuals is ok) just to let them settle in. You are doing the right thing by mixing some good stuff with existing soil. I would also recommend that you fertilise with a liquid fertiliser (seaweed, fish or compost tea) a spray with Enspray oil and alternatively a copper spray Free flow Copper will keep the plants looking healthy.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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