I need to move a couple of roses to redo retaining wall and fences. These are old roses some dating back to 1860’s. I’ve taken cutting unsuccessfully in case we lose when moving. We have dug on 2 sides of each rose and about to do the othr sides. Are you able to give us any suggestions please.

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Hi Helen,

The best time to transplant any rose is in the winter months when the plant is dormant, but it is not always the ideal time for people who are doing projects such as yourself. The next best time would be in autumn or spring. It is usually not the best time to transplant in summer but you are full steam into your project and roses are resilient plants!

The first thing you need to do is prune the rose, prune it quite hard down to your few main stems. This will help the rose bounce back.

You want to make sure the position you are moving the roses to has good soil and good drainage. Plenty of compost and organic matter will be good for the roses as they love rich soil. Pre-dig a large hole ready for the transplanted rose.

Dig out the rose carefully, try to not damage the root system.

Once the roses have been removed, transfer to the new holes and plant as normal.

The best thing you can do for the roses now is to keep them very well watered for the next few weeks. Give them a big drink once planted and keep it up to help the roses get settled in there new positions.

Feed with a rose fertiliser at the base and/or a certified organic foliar feed when the leaves start to emerge again.

The Palmers Team

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