Hello, i had awful rust on my new roses this season gone, is there anything I can do to help for the next season please?

  • Sheryl Herries asked 3 years ago
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Hi Sheryl,

There’s definitely something you can do about it! After you prune the rose, ensure all leaves are cleaned up from around the rose bush. Then spray Grosafe Free Flow Copper on both the rose and the surrounding area, followed by a spray of Grosafe Enspray 99 Oil about a week later (also on the plant and surrounding area). As the rose starts to regrow, spray with Grosafe Fungas Fighter every 2-3 weeks.

As rust is a fungus it is only controllable by preventative sprays like Fungus Fighter, once the plant has rust you can only stop it from spreading.
Instead of using rose fertiliser, try using Biogro Certified Organic fertiliser, this provides a healthier soil environment resulting in a healthier rose (all of our stores have 3 different types; Fish, Compost, Seaweed, and all perform a similar role).

The copper and oil sprays are ‘clean up’ winter sprays, helping get rid of all the insects and diseases that have accumulated over winter. They are also very good sprays for your citrus to keep insect and fungus at bay throughout the year.
All of the above sprays are BioGro Certified, so can be sprayed with confidence that you are not spraying with chemicals.

Thanks, the Palmers team

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