Hi there
Notices a lot scales on roses how to get rid off?. How they get it there..? How often to get treatments?. Prefer to use
Naturals rather using chemical spray?. Also hve one on tea tree it’s easily to get scales how to avoid..??

Also notices some like fungus mushroom come up from soil are they Normal?. Before putting new garden I add on
Compost n mix soil n ferfiziler bf putting roses plant but until now it’s sign showing that fungus mushrooms there so can I remove that area to avoid if to make roses plant sick or it’s normal what I do with fungus mushroom?.
Hope if you can understand if not email back?
Thanks rose

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Hi Rose,

scale is a common problem of roses, generally winter is a good time to treat for insects and also disease on roses.

As you wanted to go to for a more natural solution I would recommend using a spraying oil such as Grosafe Enspray 99. This is Certified Organic. Spray over the whole rose bush and get as good coverage as you can.

If you want you can also spray a liquid copper as well as this will treat for any fungal diseases.

You can also treat your Tea tree with this combination.

Do not be too concerned with the mushrooms that are coming up through the soil, this is usually a sign of healthy soil. If you use copper on your roses, this may be likely to get rid of the mushrooms for you as well.

To help prevent disease and insects on plants, feed your plants regularly with fertiliser, manures and compost. Ensure the plants are getting adequate sunlight.

All the best.

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