I have two questions:

I live in Paraparaumu and have very sandy soil. I had a successful year last year with growing Iceberg standard roses, but found to keep them going throughout the season had to keep feeding. Is there something I can do to assist the roses for the coming season now?

Is there a product I can use to improve the soil for my other plants for the coming season, and help retain some moisture in the soil over summer?


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Hi Sue,
Because of the sandy soil, the fertiliser tends to leach quite quickly. You can help this long term by trying to improve the soil using quality compost or mulch and/or garden mix. Working this into the top layer of the soil, over time this will improve the soil quality and its water and fertiliser holding capacity. You can also use a product called Soil Wetter by Yates as well as SaturAid, both these products will help retain moisture. A combination of the above will give you the best results.
Thanks, the Palmers team

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