Hi there.

I have two tahitian limes that were heavily pruned (by garden centre) before planting, so they are quite topiary like. Or, meant to be,

They’ve been in for over a year now and a lot of new foliage has sprouted at the bottom, and looks quite lush green and healthy, but the top isn’t growing very quickly. I have today pruned the new foliage off.

They are in half wine barrels. I have tried citrus liquid feed for pots, and have mulched around the top and soak feed them regularly. They are in a very sunny spot, full sun.

Am I doing something wrong….?

Would love some feedback, tips etc. on how to get lush lime trees.

We also have a couple of large dogs who could have possibly wee’d on them at some stage, unsure if that is of any use to you also.



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Hi Kate

Your limes just may be taking their time. Citrus are slow growing. The Dog wee may be too potent. Diluted urine is good for plants but perhaps not strong animal urine.

Keep them watered and loved and I’m sure they will perform

Happy gardening

Maria – Palmers national garden consultant

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