Hi There, I am looking for a fragrant bush / floral / thing for the front of my house next to my front door. The front of my house is split into two, with the door in the middle. To one side (at ground level) I’ve planted a row of golf ball pittosporums to the end of the house and I want to add some white hydrangeas in behind those to add some depth and texture.

On the other side is effectively a white plaster planter box which runs almost to the end of the house and is raised approx. 40cm from the ground. In front of that I plan on planting more golf balls and currently planted in the box are three standard camellias. It is for this space that I’d like something fragrant and I’m happy to do away with the standards if I have to.

My house is a dark charcoal with white windows and trims, so the greens and whites look fantastic as contrast and whatever I plant next I’d also like to be white.

If I’m able to send a photo it would probably make more sense!

Thank you for your patience – novice planter over here!

Rose 🙂

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Hi Rose,

Sounds like you’ve got some great plans for your garden!
We think by your front door is the perfect place for a Gardenia Veitchii – a tough Gardenia that comes into flower easily. Gardenia’s are beautifully scented, and if located by an entrance way you will get to enjoy the fragrance both inside and out. With a good bit of mulch (Kolush Manuka Mulch and Seaweed would be our recommendation) added to the soil when planting, the Gardenia should really thrive!

Thanks, the Palmers team

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