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I will try and set the scene…

We have recently had to dig up a narrow garden (about 500 mm wide) that runs most of the length of our 1970s brick house.This is because we have now run PVC pipe along the back wall of the garden to catch more rain water for our tank (rural so on tank supply). So the trick is now, what do we plant alongside the pipe which will look good AND not have a large root system that may potentially damage the pipe in future years? We intend to obviously cover over the unsightly pipe but would also like the plants to be the major cover. The long narrow garden has the house wall on one side and a concrete path on the other so needs to be something that doesn’t constantly need cutting back. The garden itself is also not very deep. We used to have succulents but keen to try something that grows a bit higher as a feature against the brick work.

Added to this, it is in the front of our house so a ‘prime’ spot if you like and can either ‘make or break’ how the whole front area looks. We already have several gardens of various bromeliads so we want to do something different. We also can’t have plants that grow too high as there are windows (so not higher than about 1m).

I love flowers too and enjoy picking anything and everything for the house so would love something that flowered but that may be a wish too far!! We are open to any suggestions.

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi Lynley,

There are lots of plants you could grow along this garden bed. The narrowness will limit a little as to what height you can attain. It would be best to pop into a store, you can show your sample/layout what can be achieved with various plant varieties. Possibly something in the natives ie Corrokia with maybe Westringea. Gardenia often work very well in this situation as long as an adequate Mulch is used. But there are lot of different possibilities.

There are some really nice and good looking grasses around, like Lime tuff, then with various different colours (different varieties) you can create some really interesting looks, possibly include a water feature

It is hard recommending plants remotely, it makes a huge difference, when you can show customers what different combinations look like and you can use actual plants to show the customer, at the same time getting a feel of what a customer likes as well. All stores have expert staff on site that can take you around the store and show you lots of different options.

I hope this helps!

Thanks the Palmers Team

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