found growing in plot,v/healthily and just started flowering. Any details ? is it invasive/noxious?

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Good Evening,

I do not believe that it is classed as a noxious weed. However, it is a very common weed found in New Zealand. It can also be invasive as it has a very rapid lifecycle and it produces primarily by seed. The seed can then stay in the soil for a long time lasting for many years.

It is mostly found in the winter time when it has fewer weeds to compete with but has the ability to flower at all times of the year especially under the right conditions with plenty of moisture around.

To control this weed, it can be sprayed by Roundup or other similar non-selective herbicides. The best time to spray is before it starts flowering and is able to set the seed. If it has already flowered you can spray as well but the seed will have dispersed into the soil. You may have to follow this application up as more plants start to grow from the seed bank within the soil.

Good luck.

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