Hi, A couple of months ago I bought some replacement silver beet plants for the old ones that had gone to seed. It was disappointing to find that a lot of the leaves developed rust on them and were unuseable and just had to picked off and thrown away in the trash. Even now there is still some rust around on them. What is the cause, or what did I do wrong? How can I avoid this in future. Only have a small vegie garden about 20 x 10 feet and grow quite happily spuds, broccoli, caulis, tomatoes, corn, broad beans, green beans from time to time.
Look forward to your answer.

  • Lorraine Smith asked 1 year ago
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Hi Lorraine, The rust tends to come about in high humidity and warm temperatures, the only thing to do to prevent this is spraying with certified organic free flow copper. You have done the right thing to remove and dispose of infected leaves as the spores can survive and spread onto new plants quite easily. I would suggest you maintain good crop rotation (not easy in small vege gardens) and also when you replant new ones maintain a good spraying programme especially early on in the growing season.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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