Hi team, we’re on a crosslease; our nieghbour has recently put up a pergola which, while it meets the consent requirements, is 300 mm from the shared fence and a bit under 3 metres tall. From our side its not a good look and I’m seeking advice on how to screen it off or at least soften it. Our common fence runs roughly east-west and we are on the south side of it, so its fairly shady. I’m looking at maybe a 2.4 or 2.7 metre trellis topped off with a climber that will screen for as much of the year as possible. Any ideas would be very welcome. Advice on whether I can atach the trellis directly to the existing (post and paling, good condition) fence or if I need to put new posts on our side would be very useful, too. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Mike,

There are some great climbers out there that are not only fast growers but can handle a variety of conditions.

Climbers I would recommend for you would be:

  • Pandoreas: a few different varieties are available. They are fast growers and will give you the cover and spread you are after. They have bell-shaped flowers through the warmer months.
  • Ivy: fast growing, vigorous growth habit and self-clinging. Hardy and covers a good area. A great climber for lush foliage.
  • Star jasmine: Very easy to grow. Can handle a variety of conditions but it is a bit slower to grow at first.

There shouldn’t be a problem attaching the trellis directly to existing post etc.

All the best.

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