Hi we are planning to make our side garden which is 4 metres long by half a metre wide into a succulent garden with rocks succulents and creeping plants (alyssum lobelia etc) as well. Could you please tell me what sort of soil should i have for these plants normal everyday soil with compost added or do succulents require something extra. This garden gets full sun and is quite dry. I live in Te Awamutu so in winter we get frosts but will be covering it with frost cloth anyway.
Thank you for your help
Kind Regards
Gail Sisson

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Hi Gail,

The most important thing to get right in a succulent garden is the drainage. Succulents just hate sitting in water. The best things to add to your soil will be pumice or sand to improve the drainage. You can add a little bit of compost but I would not add too much.

If you are planning on mulching, Mulch with fine gravel, crushed shells or even river stones. Succulent gardens do not really require mulch but if you were wanting to do it try to stick to these options.

Water regularly through summer but do not overwater. If the area is quite dry they will still benefit from the watering through summer. Watering is not required over winter.

The Palmers Team

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