Hi do you sell soil testing kits and if so, is it easy to use?

We have a area in our garden where everything we have tried to grow,the plants have died. It’s costly for us to keep buying plants for this particular area. The rest of the garden native and tropical plants healthy and alive. We wanna know if there is something wrong with the soil in this particular area?

Secondly, can you please advise best time of the year to move clivia plants..We have so many in yellows and oranges so wanna spread them out.

Regards Alecia

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Hi Alecia, We only sell basic PH testers and in your case I’m not sure if the expense will be worth it. I would firstly try growing some easy stuff like in Autumn some Lupin or mustard seed. They should come within days, if they don’t I would suggest you will need to remove the soil and replace with new soil. Clivia can be removed straight after flowering or during the growing seasons (autumn, spring).

Thanks the Palmers Team

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