I spray my roses monthly – and spray anything else in need, at the same time. First Question: Is it okay to mix Spraying Oil with a mixture of an insecticide, a fungicide and a liquid fertiliser? Second Question: When my spray mixture includes Oil (mealy bug at present), do I still need to add a wetting agent, eg. Sprayfix?
Thanks for your help.

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Hi Helen,

You can mix some products together, but some products may be incompatible so make sure you check the label, for example, Copper Oxychloride cannot be mixed with lime sulfur.
I personally think mixing them separately is best as it assures there is no toxicity to the plant and your sprayer does not become clogged up, in saying that it all comes down to personal preference and I know saving time is always great. The label is your friend in this instance.

yes, Spraying oil acts as a wetting agent so no need to add the extra wetting agent.

I would mix the liquid fertiliser separately altogether so the plant can uptake more efficiently.

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