I have 3 standard roses which from day 1 have not produced a great deal of foliage or flowers
This year is the 2nd year and very few flowers with lots of black spot. I have sprayed several times for the black stock. I fertilise with rose fertiliser, alpaca poo, coffee grounds, banana skins, sheep pellets and blood and bone. Depending what I am using around the garden at the time.
I have a thick growth of thyme under covering the ground under the roses. Maybe this sucking all the nutrients from the roses. I dont really want to pull this out.
The roses are sparse with foliage and branches are dying off. Not much of the main crown left.
Do you have any suggestions.
Thank you

  • Robyn Nicholas asked 3 years ago
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Hi Robyn,

I am sorry to hear about your standard roses doing so poorly. First thing I would want to check is the watering situation. Black spot often comes from overhead watering that roses do not particularly enjoy. Ensure the roses are getting watered at the base and the foliage isn’t getting water on it too much.

Ensure the roses are getting enough water but the drainage is good, it won’t do the roses any good if there is not good drainage within the soil. Have a look around and be aware of any trees encroaching, they may be putting out shade that you hadn’t realised, roses rely heavily on a full sun location to be strong and healthy and put out flowers.

The soil needs to be rich with manure and compost which it seems you are doing a good job of. Do not over fertilise your plants as this can be an issue as well. Rose fertiliser should be applied in spring, autumn and 2 times during spring but not over winter.

I would recommend removing the thyme to at least 30cm from the base, stems of the rose, this could just as well be interfering with the roses root system. Thyme does make a good companion so you don’t have to remove it all together but it will help the rose get the nutrients and water it requires.

Spraying your roses with a copper spray and spraying oil over the winter period will help strengthen your plants from bugs and fungus, give them a nice hard prune in July or August.

Good Luck, I hope they bounce back next season.

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