Help please -we have had to harvest our swedes and need to know how best to store them. I have read to use moist peat but know that the use of peat is frowned upon- I cannot seem to track it down anyway. would bark chippings be a suitable substitute or just compost or wood shavings? got plenty of bark chippings and wood shavings if they would be suitable.
Also have had to harvest our leeks. I know they can be left in the ground so would it be worth trying to re-plant them or storing them in whatever ?
Thank you



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Hi Linda

Thanks for your question and well done for what sounds like an awesome crop of food for storage!

You can store your swede in ground if you are not needing the land for use. If you have wood chips you can mulch deeply (30cm) and leave the swedes as you can the leeks. If you are to lift them then you can store them in dry wood chips but be sure to only store un-damaged swedes as a little rot can cause the lot to spoil. Check and turn the swedes every couple of weeks to make sure none of them are going to waste.

Your leeks wont really re-plant well so can be wrapped and stored in cold storage too.

Happy gardening

Maria – Palmers national garden consultant

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