We have a swimming pool that has a garden area on one side. The area, which is about 12 meters x 1.5 has a few quite large Queen palm trees and mostly green planting. For example Clivias, grasses, a couple of sago palms etc. All green but what I feel it needs is a real splash of colour. Any suggestions as to what might really “liven” it up.

Thank you.

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Hi Linda,

It is best to plant mainly foliage plants around the poolside. Minimising big trees is essential as the roots may cause damage, as well as leaves can fall into the pool. Palms are always a great option as they really set the scene while offering light shade and make minimal mess.

Some options for splashes of colour could be:

  • Tropical Cordyline
  • Phormium (flax) so many colourful varieties available at different heights.
  • Canna Lily’s (Bold colour)
  • Bromeliads

For flowers:

  • Vireya
  • Dietes
  • Day Lily
  • Bergonia and geraniums
  • Gardenia
  • Hibiscus
  • Bougainvillaea ( a climber)

All the best

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