I have grown sunflowers for the first time this year and am amazed at the wonderful results. Now that they are almost over when do I cut them down and what to do with the dinner plate size heads?
I would be grateful for any tips or suggestions regarding sunflowers. I think the seeds were annuals.
Many thanks.

  • Julie Wilcox asked 1 year ago
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Hi Julie,

You can leave the sunflower heads on the plant for the birds to eat the seed until they have finished with them if you want to attract the birds to the garden. If you wish to harvest the seed for yourself, hang the heads upside down in a dry place. Once they are ready to fall you will be able to remove the seeds by rubbing them.

Leave them on the ground to enrich the soil or compost them once you have harvested the seed.

I’m glad you have had such good success.

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