Hello. I planted 2 Tamarillo trees 1 red and 1 gold 2 weeks ago. They are in a shaded position away from wind. I have attached sticky board for the white fly..The red 1 is doing great. the gold 1 is dying.. I feed them the same, water them the same. I don’t know why the gold 1 is dying?
Your help will be much appreciated.
Kind Regards

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Hi Jen, There is no reason that the Gold Tamarillo should be dying, especially if both of them are in similar position. Just incase you are watering the plants I would suggest that you stop watering the gold one, as it is not actively growing and as such doesn’t require additional water. Keep an eye on the growth tip, if this goes black/brown cut the plant back to a healthy part of the stem. If this part remains green, fingers crossed it will come away again in spring.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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