I would like to ask why I have a few of the small green tamarillos which are not ripe are falling off the tree. Is this normal? I have had about 20 fall off over the last week. The tree is very sheltered and laiden with fruit which are all green.

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Hello Kathy,

If your tree is young it may be too heavily laden with fruit and may be dropping due to the plant not being able to support the fruit on its branches. I would suggest thinning out some of the fruit especially if the tree is in its first few years of growth. This will allow it to grow a substantial root system and help the branches hold the fruit.

A tree can also drop fruit prematurely when the watering isn’t quite right. Make sure there is good drainage in the soil and that the tree is getting enough water. Fruit trees often drop fruit if there isn’t enough moisture to support the amount of fruit. Mulching around the base of the tree can help keep moisture in.

Fertilising the tree with a citrus fertiliser will also help.

Good luck.

The Palmers Team

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