Hi I need some advice please. I purchased a Tamarinda from your Plimmerton outlet on the 6 April and followed the instructions regarding planting in semi shade etc and removed some of the flowers to avoid stressing the plant. For the first 2 1/2 weeks it was looking great and then we had a cold snap. During the last 10 days it has completely collapsed and looks to be dyeing off. When I originally planted it I watered it well and then followed up with watering about 4-5 days later then again about 6 days later.
I am not sure if it is dyeing or if it it will regenerate again come spring. Can you please advise

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Hi Melanie,

These plants are a tropical plant and prefer the warm weather. They really struggle in winter time. Many gardeners love them for their long flowering time and are often planted in late spring and let to flourish all the way through to autumn. Some gardeners at this point choose to rip them out and start again when spring comes around again.

The cold weather can kill them, and a frost will wipe them out completely, they also like lots of water. My recommendation would be to transfer the plant into a pot and grow somewhere nice and warm for the winter, either inside or in a conservatory or just somewhere generally quite sheltered. You may not get any blooms at this point but it might be worth a shot to try and over-winter it inside and then move back into the garden in spring.

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