Hi there I moved into my present home 6 months ago. There is a tangelo, Apple with both Granny Smith and Golden delicious and a lemon tree. The fruit is continually dropping off the tangelo before it is ripe enough to eat.
Is there anything can do? Can the fruit be ripened in the sun?
The apple tree had coddling moth what can I do to prevent it occurring next year|?
The lemon tree has lots of fruit but the do not seem to be turning yellow. It is a lemon as I had a couple from it when I first shifted.

Thank you

  • Vivienne Parker asked 3 years ago
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Hi Vivienne, you can ripen fruit off the tree but they will often lose flavour when doing so. Is there a lot of fruit on the tree (dropping some because it has too many)? You are not watering or spraying that could initiate the dropping of the fruit? Ensure you hang a codling moth trap in the tree from about mid /late September, just after flowering. A good winter spray of lime sulphur, oil and copper wouldn’t go amiss either. Thanks, the Palmers team

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