Could you tell me why my tomatoes are not going red and ripening

Thank you in anticipation

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Hi Margo,

It can be very frustrating waiting for your tomatoes to ripen. I know the feeling as I waited quite a while for my beefsteak tomatoes to ripen as well 🙂

Each tomato variety has a different ripening time or how long they take to mature. Smaller varieties often mature much faster than bigger varieties. I think the rainy wet spring this year has affected the growth of a lot of things and may have influenced your tomatoes to take so long to mature. Green tomatoes will only turn red once they reach the green mature stage and start to produce ethylene. Sometimes if it has either been too cold or too hot they will not start this process.

There is not a lot you can do to speed up the process but I would recommend keeping them well watered and well fed over this time. Tomato food, sheep pellets or liquid fertiliser are all good ways to feed your tomato plants.

I hope you get a good crop soon.

The Palmers Team

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