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We planted a young lemon meyer in our backyard about a year ago and it is producing fruit but the plant itself is not growing. We are thinking about transplanting it into a pot as we live in a frost prone area (Central North Island) and believe it would be better in a pot as we can move it around. Is this ok to do?
Another question is we have a Teachers Pet Apple Tree. Does this need to be planted with another tree for it to produce?
Cheers Suse Tidmarsh

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Hi Suse, Yes right know would be a great time to transplant your Lemon Meyer (barring a late cold snap, but at least you can move it!) ideally remove some of the fruit so that the plant grows as well otherwise you will always have a struggling plant.
The Teachers Per Apple should be self fertile sometimes if there is adverse weather during flowering it affects the pollination.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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