I am wanting to plant some trees along the back fence which is painted black no higher than 2m ,I don’t want trees that look
awful down the bottom when they grow so I want them to look as good on the top as well as on the bottom.i don’t want them to grow out to wide as I don’t want them looking like a hedge. I want something that is going to set the black fence off.
I am not keen on pittosporums.
Could you please give me a few options.
Thank you

Cheers sue

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Hi Sue, that is quite a lot of criteria, keeping in mind plants are living things and their local environment (light level, sun angle, wind direction, shelter, soil type and textures, moisture availability, care and maintenance as well as soil fertility) can change their growth habit/look, it is impossible to give you name of the perfect plant. The only thing that you might be able to use are standardised plants (i.e. camellia, choisyia, citrus, plus others) this way you can trim the plants to suit. Pop into your local Palmers store and see what is currently available (this changes with the seasons as well). Thanks, the Palmers team

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