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We have purchased a farm with an older weatherboard cottage which is getting a good birthday as its a bit run down. We will be renting out the property and I want to plant some speciman trees as the property is currently very bare. Just wanting some ideas – something that looks good, is easy to care for – we are located in Tirau – so a few frosts in the winter and generally pretty warm dry summers. Want something that is fairly quick growing, can provide a bit of shade (but not too big either) and something that looks good year round.

Cathy 🙂

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Hi Cathy,

I am assuming by when you say looking good year round you are wanting an evergreen variety. This limits your choices a little.

Some varieties you may want to check out are:

  • Titoki
  • Pohutakawa
  • Magnolia Little Gem
  • Michelia varieties such as Gracipies or Yunnanenses
  • Acacia Baileyana
  • Evergreen Alder

If you do decide deciduous trees could be an option you could try:

  • Albizia (silk tree)
  • Japanese Maples
  • Cercis Forest Pansy
  • Cornus (dogwood)
  • Prunus (flowering cherry)
  • Magnolia (lots of deciduous varieties available)

I sometimes find that trees that lose their leaves in winter can be a good option as they give shade in summer and let the light in winter but if it is a bit of privacy you may be after the evergreen choices may be more what you are looking for.

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