When do i trim apple tree and how?

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Hi Serena, The best time to prune is when the leaves have fallen off (normally mid June through to the end of July) on a fine day. Use clean sharp secateurs or loppers that leave a neat cut.

If it is a young tree then it can be cut back by about half, if it is older tree trim all of the tall lanky shoots back. Try to do the cuts on a slight angle (so water can run off)

Trim to about a centimeter above a bud (the little lump where the leaves were attached). Try to cut back to outward facing buds so the growth spreads out rather than growing in towards each other. Any inwards growing shoots can be removed completely (trim back to the trunk or branch that they’re growing from).

It is best to apply pruning paste to the cuts to stop any infections from getting in (particularly on branches thicker than a finger).

Thanks the Palmers Team

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