I have a phebalium hedge running the full length on one side of my property in Upper Hutt. The height is about 2.4 meters.
It has been planted alongside a wooden fence which is about 1.6 meters high.
I would like to top this hedge and bring it down to about the top of the fence.
The hedge is at least 40 years old.
When is the best time to trim it.
Thank you

  • Wayne Mansell asked 1 year ago
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Hi Wayne,

There are no set rules of when you should prune evergreen hedges.

As Phebalium’s flowering time is in spring, I would recommend pruning or trimming after it has finished flowering and then you still get the benefits of the flowers. However, You could get away with pruning it now. Phebalium is pretty tough. Autumn is also a great time to top up with fertiliser or replenish your soil.

All the best

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