I am trying to find a violet called “Mistress Mallory”. I had in it my garden but it was lost due the earthquakes. The orginal plant came from a NZ violet grower , she was based in North Island ( i remember seeing something about her on Maggies Garden show many years ago) and I purchased it at Mitre 10 when my daughter Mallory was only 12 months old. She is about to get married and I would love to have some of ‘her plant” to go in the wedding flowers.
Can you help?

  • Lyndon McKendry asked 4 years ago
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Hi Lyndon, sounds like a lovely idea but unfortunately we are not aware of this being available as a lot of perennials aren’t sold under individual names. One possible avenue to explore would be online, or try Trends nursery (based in Christchurch) as they do lots of unusual perennials. Good luck! The Palmers team

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