I have made what I think is good quality compost from my four bins. Pretty sure I got the right balance of nitrogenous/carboniferous material and it was fed with lime and blood and bone throughout, as well as added peat. I used it to pot up seedlings with variable success. Should I perhaps have mixed it with equal quantity of bought potting mix or is there a formula for making a satisfactory potting mix using homemade compost. Also, could I use it to part-fill troughs and planter boxers before filling up with a certified bought mix. Thanks

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Hi Carol, It sounds like you have done a great job with your homemade compost. Compost is great for absorbing and retaining water as well as conditioning soil and adding nutrients. Although it can aid in breaking up garden soils and increasing drainage, in pots it can become waterlogged or heavy. I would recommend either as you say mixing it with a store bought potting mix or you could try this simple recipe for making your own potting mix:

1 part compost
1 part perlite
1 part peat moss
1 part top soil

There are many different ways to make potting mix but keeping it light for good drainage is essential as well as having nutrients and water holding ability which is what compost is great for.

Yes you can part fill troughs and planter boxes with compost and a certified mix but instead of topping with potting soil it would be a good idea to mix both evenly through in a wheel borough before adding it to the planter box so the plants get all the benefits of the potting soil and compost.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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