Hi, I am a school teacher. I have a vegetable plot available for me and my class to use 300cm x 135cm.

I asked the class what they wanted to grow and they decided on the following groupings:
1. potatoes
2. onions & garlic
3. lettuce & rhubarb
4. herbs, ginger, chilli & perilla
5. grapes
6. gooseberries (not sure what they are but the kids are adamant at growing them?)
7. brusselsprouts and broccoli

I personally want to try growing some soy beans (edamame).

My question is …

Realistically speaking, is it possible to have such a variety in the garden? It’s a huge space – but I’m not a gardner, and I’ve done some research with the kids to identify some problems, like: ginger needs to grow in a pot away from other plants because it ‘goes all over the place’ according to one kid.

Second question: does Palmers stock these plants/crops to grow? I know some are common, but I’m not sure about grapes and perilla, gooseberries etc.


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Hi Mr Mo,

It’s great that the class want to be involved in growing vegetables and fruit (gooseberries are Kiwifruti) Unfortunately there are many different things to take into consideration, not easily answered in a few sentences. You would be better to visit your local garden centre and get some pointers from the staff. (ie focus on relatively quick resulting fruit and vege) Some are better grown in pots rather than in a vege patch etc.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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