I have Rhubarb plants. They seem to be getting yellow patches on the leaves. I live a top a cliff in Melons bay and the soil is very hard. We are prepping and treating it by adding garden compost and water crystals to help stop the soil drying out so much and so quickly. What would be your recommended selelection of vegetables that are easy to grow in this area? How much is a tent for my swan plants? What plants, herbs and/or flowers would do well in window boxes and look effective? I have one with strawberries, another with fennel, opal basil and Thyme, and a third with rocket lettuce, spinach and mint. There are still another three window boxes. Two long and large deck boxes which t would love to pack full with a really nice decorative arrangement that has plenty of colour and range of textures.

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Hi Rosemary, I have summarized the answers to your questions below:

  • Rubarb need continual organic feeding
  • With regards to the selection of vegetables to grow – Depending how well the soil is, the only way to find this out is to ty and grow a range (from seedlings) obviously a nice friable soil will give you better results
  • Swan Plant tent – You could make your own from Micronetting or you could by a Popadome ready made tent, both are quite different in price depending how big you want it too be (why do you want a tent?)
  • Window boxes – That’s the good thing about gardening there is no wrong or right, obviously keep in mind the limitation in growth space select something that hasn’t got a big root system ie Mint! This will need it’s own box shortly!
  • Deck boxes – You can fill with potted colour (seasonal) this way you can create interesting but seasonal colour (ever changing) These are just quick comments obviously in store they will be able to show you a wider range of options.

I hope I have answered all your queries

Thanks the Palmers Team

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