I’ve a steep bank in partial sun that’s been covered in thickets of Budleia and Clematis up until yesterday when we tore them all out. The soil is dry as it’s so steep any rain rolls right off. I’ve plenty of compost to lay down,but again it’s so steep I can’t really mulch it. I’d like to plant a vigorous and dense, low-growing ground cover that can hold it together and prevent any weeds sprouting back with as little maintenance as possible – do you have any recommendations?

  • Jonathan Pashby asked 2 years ago
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Hi Jonathan,

Because the conditions are quite dry I would recommend planting something native. Muehlenbeckia axillaris, Coprosma black cloud, Coprosma hawera or Hebe prostrata are all vigorous, dense and low growing ground covers. They would help suppress weeds and require minimal care once established.

The Palmers Team

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