Hi there,
Could you please suggest an effective way of ridding my garden of oxalis? I am tired of pulling up these persistent weeds but do not wish to use anything that might kill my plants.

Thanks for your advice.


  • Elizabeth Kinnell asked 3 years ago
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Hi Elizabeth,

There are a few different methods for killing off Oxalis, it can really be such a problem weed!

The first is physical or manual control which I know you’re not enjoying at all but if you are persistent and dig up bulbs where possible it will eventually pay off. If you can not remove the bulbs removing the foliage will help reduce the number of bulbs.

Secondly, there are chemical methods available. There is a product available called Death to Oxalis, mix this with a wetting agent and continue to apply it to the foliage as it grows. This will require repeated sprays. This product will not be effective on the yellow flowering Oxalis.

Good luck, I hope you get your garden back soon without all the Oxalis.

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