Hi there,

I have a very large lawn and wish to rid it of paspalam and kikuya.

How can i do that without killing the grass i have. Is there a product i can use to eradicate these types of weed?


  • Quentin Bertram asked 3 years ago
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Hi Quentin,

One of the best ways you can eradicate unwanted weeds such as Paspalum in your lawns especially if you would rather not use manual methods is to invest in a Zero weeding brush in which you can add Yates Zero Rapid concentrate and use it to brush on to the desired weeds. It will move through the foliage and into the root system and not damage any other plants. The other product available is Yates Zero Rapid Gel in which you just dab onto the weeds for the same effect.

Alternatively, you may use a knife and slice down into the grass cutting off the weeds at the roots. I myself find this method highly effective but if the problem is large sometimes chemical methods are the best way just to get it under control.

Good luck with the problem, I hope you have lush grass without the dreaded weeds soon.

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