We bought and planted a weeping cherry at the start of spring. It started to blossom (but not full blossom) after three weeks from planting and the blossoms have dried out since then. The leaves appear to be small and tree shows no growth at all (based from the size and number of leaves of each branch). The leaves wilted and the flowers/fruits have dried out. Can we still do something to save this young tree?

  • Marilen Espinoza asked 4 years ago
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Hi Marilen,

I’m sorry to hear your weeping cherry tree really isn’t growing very well.

A few things to check are: Make sure it is in a sunny position with a soil that is free-draining. It will do best in these conditions.

Give it plenty of water when a tree is starting out to make sure the roots set in and gets well established. Ornamental cherries are shallow rooted and will need lots of water at this time.

Use compost and sheep pellets in your soil to improve the quality of the soil. Mulching is a good idea to help keep that moisture in and the roots protected.

Try a fertiliser such as Thrive Flower and Fruit, which feeds through both foliage and the roots and is fast acting. It may help bring this tree back to life. For an organic alternative try Tui Seaweed Organic Plant Tonic.

I hope you can save the tree.

The Palmers Team

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