I was given a rose and it has been beautiful all summer. But now it is again dying back on some of its branches. I did cut the last round off below the affected area, but it is doing it again?
Their are also ants around also.
It is in a large pot.
It is a beautiful single rose.

Would love to attach photo but don’t know how. I am also house bound just now recovering from an operation.

  • Brenda Broderick asked 2 years ago
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Hi Brenda, Growing Roses in pots is not always easy, when it comes under stress it will show dieback. It is getting a little late in the season for any remedies to show in new growth. I would suggest you spray with Free flow Copper and Enspray oil this will kill any insect and fungal disease. Use a slow release fertiliser to generate new growth. (remove any dieback as you have done previously.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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