I have one completely dead Pseudopanax which is about 3 m high. When I looked closely there were numerous holes in the stems which looked larger than I have seen on my lemon tree with borer. However, when I broke the stems open lengthwise, there was a tunnel all the way.

  • Elizabeth Marks asked 1 year ago
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Hi Elizabeth,

It does sound like it could be a type of borer infecting your trees. Look for signs of sawdust around the stems and holes and also webbing around the holes. If it has these signs it is most likely to be borer.

To kill borer you can purchase a product called Kiwicare Borer Injector Fluid. Fill the holes you can see with this fluid. Spray the leaves with an oil based product such as Grosafe Enspray oil 99 or Conqueror oil. This can be done at any time of the year to control insects and larvae.

Add composts and organic matter to the soil to improve the health of the tree and spray with a liquid feed regularly to help the plant stay healthy and vibrant.

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