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I have a lime tree, I brought it 3 years ago and it lived its first year in a large pot before being moved into its permanent location. I live in Kaukapakapa, Auckland.
The soil is clay based but drains well and has had plenty of nice soil added from time to time. Have feed it with citrus food roughly twice a year. Gets watered regularly and has plenty of sun.
The leaves are curling up and then dying mainly on one side of the tree (same thing happened awhile back but very minor, removed a dead branch and it seemed to be fine again. Now it appears much more wide spread.

It did have some scale a few months back, but picked 99% of it off.

See below images, any idea what I am dealing with?







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Hi Michael, the Plant has borer and from the picture it looks like this is very low down, from this I would suggest you remove the plant and start again, sorry to be the bearer of bad news! Thanks, the Palmers team

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