Hi, last autumn my apples looked like this. What can I do this season to prevent this?

enter image description here

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Hi Adrian, The following is a spraying programme that if followed will ensure that you have apples that are organically grown and can be picked and eaten, without too many blemishes. Please note in a home garden environment the aim is not necessarily to have unblemished fruit (like you see in supermarkets) but they will be tastier!
Winter spray: Free Flow Copper spray, mixed with Enspray Oil, Separate spray with Lime Sulphur.
Early spring Free flow copper spray, separate Enspray oil. (before budburst) Repeat these if required once fruit has been set and there are concerns about fungal or insect problems. You might have to hang a codling moth trap in your apple tree from if there are problems with Codling moth. Thanks the Palmers Team

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