I have a site directly beside my swimming pool and between the pool and a 2 metre corogated fence so the plants fall not the south side and only get sun in the morning. I did have white/grey convovulous but it really didn’t work. I have on the fence espaliated cocktails limes which are doing well and would like to replace the trumpet flowers under the limes with something in bulk…it is very clay like soil. I would like a grass or the like and need something that would fill the 1200cm x 70cm plot and wouldn’t grow higher than 40cm and wouldn’t be a pain by the pool. Other thing is my colour scheme is greys, green and white…i was suggested Acorus mini green, but would be keen on your thoughts…obviously it is a big space so cost also comes into it.

Thank you

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Hi Rachel, You could look at some of the Mondo varieties or maybe Liriopes both of these can be divided.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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