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I have just purchase a property which has a garden I wish to turn into a tropical garden, so wish to know what would be the best plants to grow in a north/east facing garden without shade. There are a few fruit trees there which I wish to keep as I enjoy picking my own product. Also I wish to have some of the back plants to grow taller to give me more of a private back garden too.

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I love tropical gardens, what a great project. Tropical gardens are all about lush and colourful foliage and of course there is some really stunning flowers too.
Some tropical plants that love full sun and would be perfect for your project are:

Hibiscus- Many different varieties with different sizes and flowers.
Fatsia japonica- Can grow to reach 2 -3m tall. Large tropical glossy leaves. Fills out a space and is extremely hardy.
Canna Lillies- For beautiful flowers and foliage. Easy care. Grows 1m-1.5m. Cut back in winter.
Strelitzia( bird of paradise)- tall and graceful with unique foliage.
Cycad revoluta ( sago palm) – Creates a point of interest. Makes an impact.
Hymenosporum flavum (Australian frangipani) – A tropical tree that will add height to the garden.

Adding lots of foliage with colour is the key- you could even add in some different coloured flaxes to fill in gaps. When the garden starts to produce a little shade you could add some under plantings such as bromeliad and clivia.

Many tropical plants can be frost tender, if you live in an area that gets frosts- you may have to invest in some frost cloth to protect your plants on frosty nights.

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