What to  use for spray on peach. Nectarene for curly leaf and also for codlin moth on the apple trees   many thanks  Ken Newman

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Hi Ken,
For curly leaf it would be best to do a good Lime Sulphur spray on and around the tree, making sure to remove any dead leaves/branches from around the plant.
Then a Free Flow Copper spray at bud burst. When fruit is set, repeat this spray every 2 weeks or as required depending on the weather (more rain = more spray). These sprays are organic so are safe to use on edibles.

With regards to the Codling Moth on apples, control is achieved with a Codling Moth trap which catches the male moth and in consequence prevents the female moths from laying their eggs. If you are catching large numbers you might need to follow up with a spray of Success Ultra. The Codling Moth trap should be hung in the tree around flowering time.

Thanks, the Palmers team

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