I have a mandarin tree about 1m x 1m which I wish to move to a sunnier spot. When is the best time to do this and how should I prepare the new planting site? My soil is heavy yellow clay under very little topsoil.

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Hi Elizabeth,

I would want to consider re-planting around now and early spring, avoid summer re-planting wherever possible.

Prepare the new planting site by adding compost and organic matter to the soil. When you dig the hole, dig it nice and wide and deep to break up all the soil where the roots are going to set and grow.

Sheep pellets are a good additive to the soil as they help break down the clay, but also add nutrients.

When you have planted the mandarin water in well and give it a good drink every few nights for the next couple of weeks until the plant gets settled.

Consider purchasing citrus fertiliser and use that around the base of the plants, this will help with fruiting.

With spring just around the corner, you should get some new growth soon.

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