Hi guys,

I purchased these two plants on Friday and repotted them since then I have noticed they have a white fuzzy growth. I have photos to show you however I do not know how to send them.

If you could email me back and I can send through the photos.


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White fluffy growth seems to me like it might be one of two things.

The first may be that it is mealybug. They are an insect that looks white fluffy and round. They tend to be on the stems of plants and in the middle of plants such as Cabbage Tree. They can be controlled by pest control products such as Enspray 99 spraying oil or Conqueror oil. Spray the whole plant, including the underside of the leaves. Avoid spraying in the heat of the day.

The other issue it may be is powdery mildew that looks more like a white powder over the foliage. This will need to be sprayed with a fungicide such as Yates Fungus Gun.

If you would like to forward the photos on to me the best way to do this is through our Facebook Messenger.

I look forward to checking them out and helping you with this issue.

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