Hi. I have 8 young avocado trees, and on the 2 Hass (on Zutano) ones there is a small area on a branch that has white growth on it. Under that is a brown discolouration with evenly spaced dots in the bark. I’d love to know what this is and what to do about it.
Jill M

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Hi Jill,

It sounds like a few of your avocados have a fungus problem.

You can cut the infected branches out if it is not affecting too much of the tree. Spray the whole tree with a liquid copper to control the fungal infection.

Things to check and adjust:

  • Make sure the soil is free-draining.
  • Adding compost and mulching improves the soil.
  • Fertilise regularly so the plant in getting what it needs.
  • Try not to overhead water and instead water at the base as overhead watering spreads fungal diseases.
  • Keep the area free of damaged or diseased branches.

The Palmers Team

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