I have white soft sticky spots on the branches of my pittasporim. There are a lot of ants on these trees and the branches are dying. Can you tell me what I need to kill this disease.
Thank you.

  • Vivien Lovell asked 1 year ago
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Hi Vivien,

It sounds like you have a sap sucking insect on your Pittosporum plant. These insects tend to cause the plant to be sticky and they attract the ants. It sounds like either scale or mealybug. From what you have said I would think it was mealybug as they are white and soft to the touch.

You can control all these sorts of insects the same way. You can purchase a product called Grosafe Enspray 99 Spraying Oil. This product is certified organic. Mix accordingly to instructions on the label. If you have something similar at home such as Conqueror oil you can use that as well.

Spray the whole plant as well as you can, spray underneath the leaves and on the stems as this is where the bugs like to congregate. Only spray in the evening or early morning when the weather is cool as it will cause less harm to the plant. Repeat if necessary in a few weeks time.

Feeding the plant with fertiliser, liquid fertiliser or rejuvenating the soil with compost and manure may be beneficial to the plant. Plants that are struggling tend to attract insects more than healthy plants.

All the best

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