My newly planted camellias (Transnokoensis) are losing their leaves as the flowers form on the plants. I have fed the plants with both Yates dynamic lifter and thrive camellia food. They are planted in a raised bed beside a fence on the east side of our property. The raised bed is filled with soil, compost, potting mix and sheep pellets. I have not watered during the winter, but we have had some rainfall. The leaves have not yellowed, just fallen off. I wondered if the fact that the raised bed is by a possible wind tunnel could cause this problem.

I’m desperate, I believe that none of my 4 plants will survive the spring

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Hi Auriole

Thanks for your question and I am so sorry you are experiencing this problem. You sound like you are doing everything right with your young plants. Is the raised bed causing fluctuations in moisture? Drought and then sodden conditions can cause leaf fall and perhaps if it is a wind tunnel then this will certainly cause problems too.

You may need to lightly prune and provide wind protection and consistent watering until established.

Happy gardening


Palmers garden consultant

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