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Hi Lyn, Citrus trees really thrive in a warm and sunny location. They are intolerant of frost especially when young. Making sure they are in the right position is one of the most important things you can do. Warmth and sun is very important for lemons.
The plants will not cope well if the soil is not freely- draining. They will sulk if sitting in too much water. Their leaves tend to go yellow. They still like to receive a good drink as long as the water has somewhere to go.
Citrus trees are hungry plants, make sure there is plenty of compost and manures in the soil. Prepare before planting- lots of organic matter.

A few extra things you can do is feed with a citrus fertiliser in the growing seasons. Citrus can be very hungry. Mist with a certified organic spray every week- two weeks just while it is starting off. Try to be consistent in watering whilst the plant is young and especially through summer.

Good luck.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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